Definition of Methodology and Its Diverse Forms

Perhaps you have heard of the term methodology. It simply implies the process you have to use in attaining a specific goal, right? Not quite. The term methodology proves more complicated than it seems, and many people have no idea. So what does it mean?

Methodology Definition

The definition of the term methodology always proves complicated and with numerous meanings. For instance, the definition of the term on AP Gov can completely differ from the one taught in colleges or universities. More often than not, the definition comes about based on the study discipline. However, in general, the term methodology implies a method system that gets utilized in a particular field. It entails a set of principles or rules that can get used in product development, studies, research, among other things.

So, what definitions of methodology do exist, and what do they entail?

  • Agile Methodology. The definition has widespread use in the field of software development and IT. It allows developers to rapidly come up with solutions to issues that can potentially arise during project implementation. In most cases, a team would organize a sit-down to deliberate the project or product and ways of improving it. The benefits of the agile methodology include:

Transparency. Aims at showing the customer the process of getting the product besides the product.

Fast delivery. The agile methodology facilitates the rapid achievement of a result, which can prove a month sometimes.

Fixed costs. It helps customers to comprehend the estimated cost

Better quality. Division of projects into units that result in an easier way of improving each.

  • Research Methodology. It implies the collection, identification, selection, and analysis of data for a particular study. The method gets utilized in almost every discipline of academic study. It gets classified into two classes, the quantitative and the qualitative methods. You can use these research methods in writing a thesis, dissertation, or in doing research.
  • Waterfall Methodology. The method proves popular and widely gets utilized in product development or management. It derives the technique from the waterfall model, where it cascades downward with seven phases. The phases include guidelines, analyzing, designing, coding, testing, deployment, and maintenance.  
  • Scientific methodology. The methodology gets used in making fresh scientific discoveries. It proves the best in coming up with a study hypothesis and ascertaining it. The method includes steps such as observation, questioning yourself, hypothesis making, and testing the hypothesis. After doing all these, you can then conclude with a self-reflection about the test. In cases where your hypothesis is supported, you have to enhance your research, while a lack of a supported hypothesis implies looking for a fresh hypothesis.


A lot of methodology definitions exist arising from the various types of methodologies. The mentioned methodologies only account for a few crucial ones, but others, such as mixed methodologies exist. So pick the right methodology based on the definition and the objective of your study to implement your work. Finally, ensure that whatever methodology you decide to go with, you must comprehend its principles and ways of using it. And don't forget to proofread your written work after finishing it. Professional editing services such as can come in handy if you are not sure about correct spelling or grammar.